Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All degrees available thru us are 100% legally granted, private, non-nationally accredited and fulfill the legal definition of a degree. However, if you feel that you require a degree with specific accreditation, we suggest you do NOT apply.

Most important thing is that your degree is obtained by exploiting legal loopholes. We are often asked what this means and the best definition, that neatly encapsulates the concept, is that an institution is legally formed and operating in such a way that it makes the granting of a degree legal, whereas this would otherwise be illegal.

Accreditation IS NOT legally required and is often poorly understood. This limitation affects conventional, traditional degrees as well. 
There is no such thing as universal, global, guaranteed, recognition or accreditation and any school that claims otherwise is simply lying.
Here are some examples:

In about 97% of cases accreditation is NOT an issue but in 100% of cases LEGALITY IS ALWAYS AN ISSUE and the degrees available thru us are 100% LEGAL.

What are the Names and Addresses of the Colleges and Universities that grant the degrees before I graduate?

This cant happen on many reasons explained in the upcoming sections below.  The choice of Institution is made by our experts, based on your choice of DEGREE and SUBJECT.
Only those who graduate should learn the name of the Institution they graduate from, this is to reduce the likelihood negative publicity being directed towards the Institution or the graduates.

By definition, private institutions that are internationally administered are not beholden to any single jurisdiction in their operating models and so it is probable (although not guaranteed) that your degree will have no direct connection with your country of your residence. If you feel that the degree you seek must come from a location near you or that you cannot explain your degree thru distance programs (which by definition mean that physical attendance at the institution is not required) then you should not apply.

You can choose the year of graduation !

However, there are certain limitations.  This process of back-dating is difficult to arrange, but not impossible.   It is perfectly legal providing the person named on the degree was aged 18 or more on the date requested. The degree can be dated any month between January of 1995 and the present day.  

We do not provide diplomas with future year of graduation. THIS IS ILEGAL.

Who can get a degree?

Providing you are over the age of 21, you can use this LEGAL loophole to get an Bachelors, Master’s or Doctorate Degree. 

We recommend the following:

– At 21 years old, you should only consider an Associate or Bachelor Degree.
– A Master’s Degree at 23 years old or more.
– Doctorates Professorships and Fellowships should only be considered at 25 years old or more.

We have been running this confidential service since 2010.
The payment methods used are all fully legal and trusted your money are save 100% of the time.
It’s fully legal to obtain a degree from accredited university based on legal loopholes which we use in our practice, understand that we are not doing something which can harm our or our customers reputation.
From us 
you will get 24/7 customer support for every question you need.

We are proud to have been reliably shipping high quality, 100% legal and verifiable degrees and transcripts to satisfied clients for over 9 years now.

As 99% of our clients use our service because they have neither the time nor the inclination to attend a traditional university. We provide you the opportunity to gain degree from legal institutions based on your experience and knowage.

Although the Institutions themselves operate completely legally, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the possession and use of a non-nationally accredited degree is commensurate with local legislation before ordering. Our company is here to provide you the needed help and information, not to mislead any of our customers, please do your HOMEWORK and ask us the right questions so you can get the right answers for your case.

Is it worth getting a degree ?

 More than 44 million Americans who have college    and university  loans are carrying the kind of burden that gets worse over time. It prevents them from buying homes and settling down.
If they are not able to pay it, they get burned more and more by a damaged credit rating. 

You are 22 with no job and 70k – 140k student loan…

Total Student Debt

What Is the Total Student Loan Debt in America?

Student loans are now the second largest debt category in the U.S., trailing only mortgage debt. As of early 2019, total student loan debt is approximately 1.52 trillion and growing. In 2018, total student loan debt rose by $79 billion and in the first quarter of 2019, the number rose by $29 billion. 
Why become part of this stats ? 
Our company can show you how to escape the tuition fees all legal and safe.


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